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A New Snake Oil Has Hit the Market

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In a world filled with hype and over-promise, here we go again….. many of us have seen by now the newest MLM company that has developed a patent pending miracle cream that is “better than Botox – Botox in a bottle.” In fact, using this cream for only 30 days will give you the same results as a facelift! It will erase your wrinkles, age-spots and pay your mortgage if you get your nearest and dearest friends to partake in the kool-aid . There are postings all over the internet of side-by-side before and after pictures accompanying this new miracle product, and the results depicted are nothing less than amazing. If you were to believe your eyes, you would think that this magical elixir will erase twenty years in a matter of minutes. But don’t be fooled. It sounds to good to be true and is nothing more than that. Here are the exact pictures that are being posted:

wrinkle cream wrinkle cream

The next problem is that you have people not trained in skin care/ skin histology, selling non-medical grade skin care products to consumers promising these results. They are promising results only a Doctor could achieve. Not them, not their product, not an esthetician. I had a colleague ask some straight forward intelligent product efficiency questions on their Facebook site today and instead of being able to intelligently discuss their product, they simply deleted his questions.

Now let’s break this down from the consumer side. Do you look at those ads and really believe those pictures? Really? I asked a well-respected surgeon in Denver his thoughts on this picture and on a cream achieving these results and this was his response, “I can get the exact same results using butterscotch pudding for her skin care regimen, if I alter the camera angle in the after pic, apply some make up, and take the before when she happens to look her worst and the after on a day that she is a bit swollen (or I could just use Photoshop and eat the pudding). I couldn’t have said it better.

Please don’t fall for these bogus ‘non-miracle’ creams. There are NO miracle creams on the market, if there was, I would obviously be forced into another industry. Lastly, please remember that not everyone is in the skin care industry because they are educated or passionate about skin. They are simply selling a product that has promised to make them a lot of money if they work the pyramid correctly. These are the same people who next year will sell you vitamins promising to make you look like a body builder without even working out. (Now those I might buy...)

I am in a tight spot posting this blog because I personally know people selling this product and promoting it on their Facebook. Pretty sure I will quickly be deleted from their social media after this post. However, my commitment is to you, my client. You have trusted me with your skin, and I take that very seriously. My job is to keep you educated and informed, and I will never compromise that, even if that means challenging people I personally know.

As always, call or message me if you have further questions about this topic!



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