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Aha! There is a Runners’ High! We Met Today……

Sunday, August 26, 2012
Aha! There is a Runners’ High! We Met Today……

Good morning everyone! Today I woke early, very early, just as the sky started to lighten; and feeling tired, I lay for a while hoping sleep would reclaim me. No such luck. So I got up and went for a run at Danielle’s Park. It was a cool morning reminding me that fall is right around the corner. My absolute favorite time of the year. This morning I seemed to have had a break through in my training.

Before today, during my runs, I would complain, joke, research possible ailments on Web MD that may get me out of my race come the big day if need be. Today was very different. Today I decided to be present and enjoy the journey in training. For the first time today I throughly enjoyed my quite peaceful time running. I felt incredible, unstoppable and even had the energy to push myself and continue to go longer. Today while running I listened to my body and pushed it to do more than I thought capable. While breathing in the crisp cool air I took in the gorgeous mountain views and watched in awe at the wildlife wondering why I never seem to stop and look at the beauty that surrounds me living in such a beautiful place. I so often take it for granted and don’t even look. And I finally, after all of this time anticipating it, I finally experienced the ‘runners’ high’ that I was certain everyone had made up. I was running so purposefully, so freely, so euphorically. And then…..I crashed. I went sliding down the side of a gravel road, full speed, feeling the ‘runners high’ quickly morph into the ‘oh shit I’m going to die’ panic. The 10 second slow motion crash seemed more to be 20 minutes as I slid, moaned, rolled, and finally hit something causing me to come to a sudden stop.

After recovering and determining I was still alive, I slowly and painfully made the long trek back to my car. At that point I only wanted a coffee and shower. After sitting in the drive thru at Starbucks in what seemed like forever, I got up to the window and tried to pay for my coffee. The cashier told me that the lady in front of me had paid for it and told me to have a great day. Wow. I cannot explain how that gesture gave me the chills and yes, like most things, made me cry. I had just had a rough, abrupt ending to my run and this lady’s gesture was exactly what I needed.

The timing was something you can’t make up. It made me forget about anything that had just happened and her thoughtfulness completely warmed my heart. I was so caught off guard when I drove off that it didn’t even occur to me to pay for the person behind me. Next time for sure. Today, because of a strangers thoughtfulness, it occurred to me how easily we can all make each others day by thinking of doing simple things for each other. How easily our thoughtfulness could completely make someone’s day. She was getting on with her day trying to be kind, having no idea that I was behind her in my car with road burn down my body; some blood, a swollen knee and bruised pride. Or did she? Was she running behind me? Ha. This week I challenge everybody to do this. For no reason, buy someone’s coffee or lunch or something. The power of it is amazing.

The great thing about every day is that each morning we have another opportunity to be our best, a chance to put right the wrongs, to start fresh, to make a difference. Each day is a gift, but for me the mornings are so special because they’re so full of potential a whole day stretching ahead, an adventure waiting to unfold. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you made yesterday, let go of regrets, grab today with gusto; because what we have now, right in front of us is what matters most.. and if you put a smile on it, you’re already improving : ))Have a gorgeous week ♥

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