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Anyone Else Ever Heard of ‘Mercy Rule’?

Sunday, July 31, 2011
Anyone Else Ever Heard of ‘Mercy Rule’?

Chocolate chip pancakes in bed, yoga video together, Wii sport for 2 hours, baking, hiking, card games, shoots and ladders, pizza bagels for dinner (Blake is cooking all meals this weekend).

Crazy thing happened today when we were playing Wii baseball ~~~~ they kept calling the game on me due to ‘mercy rule’. I said, “Blake, what is a mercy rule? Why do they keep ending my game suddenly?” Blake said, “Mom, you’re really bad, so they are stopping it before you keep getting killed. Wow I’ve never seen it happen to anyone on the Wii.” Seriously???? The only mercy rule I recall is screaming it when my brother was torturing me as a child….You know you did Brent ...

Anyways, I am EXHAUSTED. Going to go crawl in to bed and hold my boy tight ~ good night my friends. XO

When school starts we can start discussing skin topics again:-)

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