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Does This Mean We Are Now In A Relationship?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Does This Mean We Are Now In A Relationship?

This blog post is definitely not for everybody…. if you’re not comfortable talking about boobs you should go ahead and stop reading now and stay tuned for my next skin care blog coming out tomorrow.

For those of you that decided to stay, get this, I had an experience yesterday that I am still digesting and totally have to get off my chest. No pun intended. I spent the afternoon with my girlfriend on Monday and one of the places she had to stop by was her ‘bra shop’. Ok, not so weird yet…but keep following me. When we walked in there were displays of bras EVERYWHERE. Nipple covers. Nipple tape. Probably even cleaner…..You get my gist….This shop is for serious bra folks. I have never seen anything like it. Now, I know the importance of wearing the right bra for your body but am honestly still always confused by the entire experience. I have walked into Nordstrom’s and Victoria Secret to get bra’s multiple times a year only to continuously be given completely different measurements, from different people, obviously using different metric systems. This makes bra shopping a total crap shoot so you just go for pretty. Not too pushed up…Not too flat….So I have bras in my drawer ranging from 32B to 344DDD. If a guest ever needs to borrow a bra, I probably can accommodate anybody’s size (except my own). I’m a gracious host.

So back to bra store. I was minding my own business checking out nipple covers or something when I hear Aimee tell them I should get a consultation. Before I knew it a lady directed me to a room and my shirt and bra were whipped off and I endured a full-blown feel out, squeeze, rib cage check, density check, pat down, pinch, stomach check. Full body scan. In fact I feel like this also served as my monthly breast exam. And maybe intimate relations … I am not good at self checks and she now knows my breast better than me and my gyno. In fact she didn’t even use a measuring tape.

After leaving me naked and somewhat wondering if we were now in a relationship she came back with ……the PERFECT bra for my body. It was like a magical moment – I knew and she knew that this bra was made for my body. I actually am so thankful I feel like maybe I should invite her to Thanksgiving this year. And the catch??? It was only 175.00 American Dollars. And everyone needs a wardrobe of six of these bras. What? Because there are bra rules. We can talk about those later because I am suddenly boring myself. Anyways, of course I bought the bra (not seven) since I just took an hour of her life that she will never get back. But get this – It comes with a warranty. They will adjust and re-rack (for lack of better word) your bra until. Well, I guess until you die. And you know what? It really really does make a difference. So I am not saying you need to go anywhere quite as serious as this place but ladies, make sure you are properly fit and wearing the right bra for your body. It will change how you feel and look in clothes. I’m never wearing mine because it’s too expensive. But I will also find more perfect matches. because according to her I need six more. And my new one is too expensive to wear.

Does it ever end for us?

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