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Monday, April 14, 2014

Long time no blog. I shamelessly begged all of you to join my blog and then. Nothing…….

Ok, I’m back. I am alway asked what products I personally use so here ya go:

skin care

Many of you probably think that by nature of what I do, my bathroom has an arsenol of products. Not the case. I simply don’t waste my time with products that don’t work. I stick with the best and don’t dabble in anything that doesn’t have strong clinical backing. Anything else is a waste of time. (Looking at you Nerium users)

skin care

Essential Serum by SkinMedica is my go to product. This product contains two chambers, one filled with proteins, antioxidants, and amino acids, and the other the APS Corrective Complex. It works over time to reduce the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and decreased skin elasticity. This products does exactly what it promises. My skin has never looked better.

Vitamin C – I love everything about Obagi and Skinceutical’s Vitamin C serums. everybody needs a powerful C and these brands can’t be beat.

SkinMedica Eye Repair Cream. This is simply the best eye cream EVER.

Retin A or Retinol – This topical is so effective and so well studied everybody needs to be on it. I personally prefer a very low strength Retin A on my skin but what you should be on totally depends on what we are addressing in your skin. If you see me you are already on one that fits your skin type.

And now we need to talk about Sunscreen. When it comes to sunscreen – use what you like. Sunscreen is tricky. People tend to not use it because it makes their eyes itchy, it can be too thick, too whitening, it breaks you out, blah, blah blah….. I’ve heard every excuse under the sun as to why you can’t wear it. And for all of you that say, “I don’t wear it because I’m inside all day.”

Unless you live in a candlelit cave, there’s no escaping sun exposure. If you don’t need your flashlight, you need to wear sunscreen. Elta MD is the best sunscreen I have ever used. I use this on my face daily as my SPF and moisturizer. Derms love this line. Get yours.

skin care

SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream is an insanely delicious pot of antioxidants. I slather it on nightly. Your skin will drink it and feel super hydrated.

skin care

I forgot that I loved my Clarisonic Brush until I started making this list. My battery died about six months ago and now I can’t find the brush or the cord. So maybe I don’t love it because I noticed zero difference not using it…..Interesting. (Thank you for talking that through with me) Maybe I will start using it again. Just be careful not to over use. I few time a week is enough.

skin care

To get my glow on I LOVE The Versa Spa Spray Tan at The Palms. I know what you are thinking…..that I’m the whitest person you know. Not true. This week anyways. The first time I tried a machine spray tan it was emotionally traumatic. I was standing naked and totally vulnerable in a very small closed box and all of the sudden heads from everywhere were firing at me. It was loud, freezing, and I couldn’t catch my breath. I was looking for the door to get out but there was liquid spraying (and not at a gentle force) everywhere. I finally ran out, threw my clothes on and left so fast I’m not sure I even paid? You know when you go to the car wash and the garage doors go down and water is spraying everywhere and you have a slight knot in your stomach thinking—this could go really bad in so many ways. (I even duck so the brushes don’t come through the window and knock me out.) That’s what it was like. But I was the car. I’m sure you can imagine what that uneven color looked like on me for the next week. Fast forward to present day— I met Holly, my friend and owner of The Palms. She convinced me to try a spray tan again. The machines are different now she said. The booth is open so you aren’t helplessly closed in, the spray is warm and not blasting at you like you are in a car wash, and a lady with a pleasant voice plays in the booth and talks you through your positions. I was still a little nervous. Like, If candid camera had been in there I may have won some money. Anyways….I LOVED the The Palms. It was impeccably clean, the staff was so helpful and I loved the color my tan developed into. Check them out

skin care

You may think I have lost my mind with my next favorite but…Blame Aimee. We were in Sedona and she was brushing her hair (and she has amazing hair) and asking me if I had a Mason Pearson brush. I had never heard of it and then I found out it was….wait for it… 300.00 dollars! I was in shock and went on with my life using my plastic Goodie brand brush. A few month later for Christmas guess what Aimee got me? The brush. Guess what I got her? Awkward. But she’s Jewish so that’s my excuse. Back to my review…I love this brush. It is worth every cent. It pulls the natural oils through your hair so you can go longer without washing. Which is good. Because after you buy it you won’t be able to afford shampoo.

Here we are in Sedona probably after brushing with our Mason Pearson brushes

skin care

My next favorite is not a beauty product but a necklace I always wear. It is a piece that a client (and now friend) made for skin care me that is a gold bar on a delicate chain and has 5 diamonds for Blake. Kat, the owner of Amour Absolu, is so talented and her work is so classy. She acts like she’s normal but I found out from someone else that she went to an insanely prestigious design school in New York and they were so impressed by her work they turned around and paid her to be there. I asked her why she never told me this story and she replied, “Why would I bring it up? And just talk about myself?.” Well then I’ll tell everyone. Such an awesome person. And yes Kat, If I were as talented as you, I’d be talking. If you want to get in touch with Kat send me a message and I will connect you.

skin care

This pic does the necklace no justice. It is so much more gorgeous in person.

and last but not least, I use Latisse most nights. Who doesn’t want longer, thicker. eyelashes. No brainer.

That is my list! If There is something you are using that I must try, let me know!

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