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Party Schmarty

Friday, November 30, 2012
Party Schmarty

I am that girl who HATES jewelry parties. In-fact I don’t even really wear jewelry. Hate it all on me. So Last night. I had a jewelry party. (That’s a long story) I also hate going to parties. I know, I seem so out going and appear to be a social blast :) but when it gets dark at 5:30 I come home, jammy up, and the world doesn’t hear from me again until the morning. My husband handles all night practices and activities.

Spoiled I know.

Being sensitive to the fact that people have jobs, lives, kids, etc. I generally hate hosting frivolous night parties because I myself hate the obligation. That being said, when I decided to host this night, jewelry party, I put a quick post on Facebook and said, “Nobody feel obligated to come. Seriously.” (I know that you’ve just decided I am not ever hired to be your party planner) That’s fair.

So let’s get back to my party. Last night not only did all of my loyal friends stop everything in their busy lives to come, we had a blast. I had friends come on the way to the airport, anniversary dinners, between kids practices, friends that lived nowhere even near me showed up. And none of it had anything to do with jewelry. My girlfriend Aimee, said it best, “When a friend hosts something you show up and represent.” Well that my friends, you all did.

We shared cocktails, memories, solved the debt ceiling, laughed, opened nice champagne and there was also some jewelry. Today my heart is full and I pray that I am always as supportive and amazing to you as you are to me. I, without a doubt, have the best friends. Thank you for that. Oh and by the way….there’s about 5 of you that may need to be reminded this morning that we all committed to run the Phoenix marathon together in January…….and NO bailing out.

Spa after!

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