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Embracing Change

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

My psychic warned me that a cosmic shift was going to happen in my professional life, but I thought  the solar eclipse was making her crazy. Guess not.

 Many of you already heard that I will being moving my facial aesthetics business out of the ENT office of Dr. Menachof in December.  I feel so fortunate for the work I've been able to do under Dr. Menachof and for the family of staff and clients cultivated there.  

 Please don't worry (I know you are, because I've already heard the panic cries from most of you).  I'm moving down the street to a fabulous new space at the end of the year. I'm beyond excited for this next chapter and I'll be able to share more details with you very soon.  It's good stuff.  Promise.

 P.S.  If you don't believe in psychics, you haven't met mine.  And, I'm keeping her a secret to maintain my competitive advantage.

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