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Nerium Gate, Still?
I can’t believe we are still talking about this product (yawn) but I was seriously asked again about this multi-level non-miricle, total crapola, face cream several times again last week. So, here again are my thoughts on this scam product. I was actually shocked because I thought it had somewhat died, but apparently a new group of reps made a new batch of kool-aid and are are hitting the streets hard—offering you a glass. So as requested by many of my patients, here are my thoughts. ... Read more
A New Snake Oil Has Hit the MarketA New Snake Oil Has Hit the Market
In a world filled with hype and over-promise, here we go again….. many of us have seen by now the newest MLM company that has developed a patent pending miracle cream that is “better than Botox – Botox in a bottle.” In fact, using this cream for only 30 days will give you the same results as a facelift! It will erase your wrinkles, age-spots and pay your mortgage if you get your nearest and dearest friends to partake in the kool-aid . There are postings all over the internet of side-by-side before and after pictures accompanying this new miracle product, and the results depicted are nothing less than amazing. If you were to believe your eyes, you would think that this magical elixir will erase twenty years in a matter of minutes. But don’t be fooled. ... Read more
You Are Having What Kind of Party?
Remember when home parties were Tupperware and make-up? Now there are parties for everything from jewelry, candles, work-out clothes, nutritional supplements….and even ones for ‘intimate’ toys. Some of these parties we avoid like the plague, maybe we host one to help a girlfriend out , or if we’re lucky we may actually find a product we love and plan a girls night out and introduce it . We drink, talk, drink shop, drink and relax. At these parties the most harm you could possibly do would be having those last few glasses of wine and becoming the proud new owner of an ‘intimate toy’ or the neighborhoods newest Mary Kay distributor…..and you don’t wear make-up. ... Read more
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