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Face It and Other News
You know the friends who tell you how good you look in your yoga pants with yesterday’s make-up on? That you still look good as a platinum blonde; that age doesn’t matter and your skin is glowing? Well, that is NOT ME. Hi, I’m Lisa. In my experience as a paramedical aesthetician, I’ve consulted countless women on the health of their skin and on the state of their lives. What I’ve discovered is, I have a lot to say. Since I’m also a mom, a doctor (regular listener of Dr. Radio), an expert yogi (I do yoga) and a trendsetter (everyone is drinking bone broth now), I can speak intelligently on a myriad of topics. When I don’t know what to say, I make something up. Either way, you’ll learn something. ... Read more
Nerium Gate, Still?
I can’t believe we are still talking about this product (yawn) but I was seriously asked again about this multi-level non-miricle, total crapola, face cream several times again last week. So, here again are my thoughts on this scam product. I was actually shocked because I thought it had somewhat died, but apparently a new group of reps made a new batch of kool-aid and are are hitting the streets hard—offering you a glass. So as requested by many of my patients, here are my thoughts. ... Read more
Are You Guilty?
Most of us are experts at something, whether official or self-proclaimed. And whatever your skill — accounting, gardening, choosing the shopping cart with perfectly aligned wheels — it can get a little annoying when you see someone doing it incorrectly. As a skin care expert, I see clients every day and witness the effects of skin care regimens gone wrong. Bad products, outdated advice, lazy habits — all of which translate to a less-than-perfect complexion. Now, of course I know that you, my compliant patient, don’t have these bad habits but some people do. So let’s discuss, them. ... Read more
Wow! You Look……….The Same
Did you know that in 2013, 5 billion dollars was spent on non surgical cosmetic procedures, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery — and the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery reports a similar trend. It’s no surprise that there is a demand for non-surgical procedures…some patients only want a little bit of change and others just aren’t interested in a surgical option. When I first started my skin care profession I was eager to learn everything in my industry. With that being said, I was thrilled to get hired at an office that was offering (I can’t name the procedure because I will be sued….and I don’t think my insurance company covers my rambling blog posts) so let’s just say, you could come in on your lunch hour and leave looking rested, rejuvenated and years younger. The claims promised the results of a facelift. In one hour (multiple sessions), no incisions, this procedure is performed by an esthetician (HA!), and for thousands of dollars cheaper than surgery. ... Read more
It’s May ~ Time To Get Naked
Oh, good I got your attention….Every May (which is melanoma awareness month) I make sure my clients have scheduled their annual skin check with their Doctor and I urge everyone reading this to do the same. A common misconception is that you cannot die from skin cancer and the fact is that one person dies from melanoma almost every hour. So what are you waiting for? Make your apppointment this month. Oh, and don’t strip for just anyone! ... Read more
Life Isn’t All or Nothing? Hmmmm ... I Didn’t Get That Memo ~ Can You Resend?
As many of you know, I have a lot of different things I’m juggling in my life right now (because I don’t know how to say no….), and I’m a control freak…..but I’m not ready to talk about that…. We all also know that behind every over extended control freak is a person who is struggling to appear to have their shit together and that others only see what ‘said’ person (let’s say me, just for fun), present to the world. And currently it has become astoundingly clear to me that something has got to give. ... Read more
My Must Have’s
Many of you probably think that by nature of what I do, my bathroom has an arsenol of products. Not the case. I simply don’t waste my time with products that don’t work. I stick with the best and don’t dabble in anything that doesn’t have strong clinical backing. Anything else is a waste of time. (Looking at you Nerium users) ... Read more
What Every Girl Needs to Know About Skin Care And Shaving The Fuzz Off Her Face
Please open the link below to read what my friend Stacie has to say about your fuzzy face. After you read it, follow her! and then book your appointment with me ... Read more
There’s No Way To Sugar Coat This
Wrinkles. — Listen up….this is not a sweet story. While sugar itself is not necessarily the enemy, the way the cells in your body recognize and use sugar speeds up the body’s aging process which also leaves your skin looking older. I’ll try and explain the science in a way that’s much less boring than it really is. I would hate to drive you to have to pause and go… a cookie. ... Read more
Nice Tan! What’s Your Race? Carrot?
Your natural tanning ability won’t come into play using a self-tanner. Self-tanners work by dyeing the top layer of your skin, which is made up of “dead” skin cells. Your natural tan comes from stimulated melanin pigments found in the lower layers of your skin. So tanning quickly does not mean you will also self-tan quickly, or darker ... Read more
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