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The Trouble With Running

Wednesday, August 8, 2012
The Trouble With Running

The Trouble With Running is By the Time You Realize You’re Done, It’s Too Far to Walk Back . . .

The most consistent thing about me in life for sure is my inconsistency. I know, not really a brag worthy trait, but this week I have really discovered how true it is. It’s time to work on it; at least for a day or two, until that goal loses my attention…..

I have always been an all or nothing person. Nothing in the middle, in fact, I am still unaware if there is a middle? So when I decide to do something I go for it BIG ……. temporarily. So a few weeks ago a dear girlfriend asked if I wanted to do a marathon with her. My answer, “Of course! I have always wanted to do that…sounds awesome!” Um what? I clearly don’t take certain things into account when I commit. For example, my current running ability is crossing the parking lot at Starbucks with my soy latte if a car looks annoyed that I am taking so long at which point I pick it up to what I consider a ‘run’ to get out-of-the-way. And now I am on my way to training for the Denver Marathon. Sounds perfectly reasonable.

Aimee, my marathon running partner, and I have been at the field every morning at 6:00a.m. running intervals on the turf. I think what has kept my attention is that I love talking to her. I could talk to her for hours so I consider it more of a therapy session, and the time flies as we solve the world’s problems. And then she said something yesterday that stayed in my mind all day. Aimee said, “My husband thinks we are running too much for just starting out. I told him well, Lisa is wanting to do it, and I know I need to take her while I can get her before this loses her attention.” That to me was what Oprah Winfrey used to refer to as an ‘Aha’ moment. Yesterday I realized that another term for my seemingly harmless inconsistency was that I was a flake. Queen Flake to you. So yesterday I decided I would no longer commit to marathons, chinese classes, etc and flake out. Except for the Chinese, I am not taking Chinese. How ever I will meet you for dinner.

So I am announcing to all of you that I committed to running the Denver 1/2 marathon and I will be there ( no not handing out waters).

I do have a question for my runner friends though, when do you get that ‘runners high’ you all brag about? That moment you get all euphoric , feel like you’re an angel floating–no longer running, thinking of nothing but euphoric things? Are you sure you’re feeling that? Or are you just hallucinating because your body is so tired it’s checking out? So far when I run for any amount of time I still feel like I might…die.

Thank you Aimee for pushing me, diagnosing me , and holding me accountable to finish.

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