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Wow! You Look……….The Same

Monday, May 19, 2014

Did you know that in 2013, 5 billion dollars was spent on non surgical cosmetic procedures, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery — and the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery reports a similar trend. It’s no surprise that there is a demand for non-surgical procedures…some patients only want a little bit of change and others just aren’t interested in a surgical option. When I first started my skin care profession I was eager to learn everything in my industry. With that being said, I was thrilled to get hired at an office that was offering (I can’t name the procedure because I will be sued….and I don’t think my insurance company covers my rambling blog posts) so let’s just say, you could come in on your lunch hour and leave looking rested, rejuvenated and years younger. The claims promised the results of a facelift. In one hour (multiple sessions), no incisions, this procedure is performed by an esthetician (HA!), and for thousands of dollars cheaper than surgery.

Wow, great first job for a gal like me that had just been told in school that I wax like I’m on Zanax. Now I’m giving face-lifts. Problem was, I never really saw any amazing results after my sessions were completed. I am a crazy perfectionist and thought maybe it was just me. Everyone else in the office saw amazing results with this procedure (on others). Were my expectations different? Too high? I soon got my answer ~ I had a gentleman scheduled and upon his arrival he asked if his wife could join us and watch the procedure. We all went into the room and as I worked my magical device on this man’s face I carefully explained the entire procedure and concept behind it. I was so involved in my conversation I even did extra passes making sure my work was stellar. I was enjoying this man and his wife so much I went on for an extra 30 minutes.

After the treatment I walked the couple up to the front desk and everyone was shocked at the difference and he was suddenly thrilled (before he even looked in the mirror –the excitement clearly made everyone delusional.) His wife studied him for a minute and decided she was also impressed and was going to sign up also. He at this point was looking in the mirror glowing, thrilled with his result while everyone gathered around him pointing out the nice changes. I still didn’t see anything. I went back to my room to clean my hand piece for my next appointment. I grabbed my hand piece and gave it a few tugs, my cord was stuck, it was tucked under the bottom sheet of the table. Do you know where I’m going with this? My client was laying on the cord and my hand piece had not been plugged in . I worked on him meticulously for an hour and a half with wands that were not plugged into the machine. Same man get’s up from table and feels like a new person. I have NOT lost my mind— Everyone was so excited with the promise this procedure claimed, they believed they really saw a difference based 100% on all of the hype surrounding the procedure.

There are many ‘non-surgical’ procedures these days promising results, and although some are excellent, the majority of them are more disappointing than they are effective. If there is something you are interested in doing you must consult with a respected doctor. A doctor who recommends procedures based on real science, on facts that really make sense. Unfortunately, some providers buy from reps who come in claiming a machine will change lives. It’s the technology everyone has been dreaming of. They’re presented with a profit sheet showing exactly how many patients need to sign up to pay off machine and send first-born to Stanford. Some random before and after photos are shown that are (hopefully) from said procedure. Unfortunately, the machine starts to collect dust because clients are not coming back or telling their friends about it due to disappointing results. The next phase for the machine is an appearance on Groupon to at least try to get her paid off. (Yep, I really went there again.) When looking for non-invasive procedures, talk to a trusted physician. A professional who understands the science behind a procedure and can explain why this procedure will or will not work for you. Why does this professional believe in what they are suggesting? That said, when a procedure is chosen correctly and you are under the care of the right person, you are likely to love your results. Or you can really be disappointed and wear this facial toner around the house while you do the laundry.

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